There a 1001 ways to contact me….ok well maybe not that much but there’s a few.

Always check the local pub or bar first but if I’m not there try one of the following methods.

E-Mail- Probably the best way to contact me if I’m offline. You can e-mail me at

A high Social Media User I have accounts on most sites but theres are the ones I use the most. Feel free to add me, I won’t however always accept your request 🙂

Facebook – You can find me on Facebook most evenings and will reply to most messages. Find me on Facebook

Twitter – I tweet from time to time under two different accounts.

Find me on Twitter on either my personal account @aledrob  where I tweet random stuff about #rugby #Astonvilla #photography #sambucathecat #thegadgetshow or on my geek alter ego @broadbandaled where I follow and tweet on all things #superfastbroadband #nextgenerationaccess in the hope it improves broadband to the UK.

FlickrA keen photographer (although not sure how good) I attempt to recreate some technical photography light trails, smoke manipulation etc. Follow me on Flickr

You Tube Not used that frequently as a method for contacting me. I have been fortunate to travel the world and attend some fantastic music concerts which is where some of my video highlights are published. The occassional random video of things I spot or drunken night video are also published from time to time. Follow me on YouTube.


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